Where can I learn about driver licensing requirements, services, and supports in my area that can help me with safe mobility?

As you continue to explore what your individual transportation plan looks like, consult the My State Info page. From this page, you can select your state (or multiple states) to get a list of key resources. These include state requirements regarding older driver licensing and renewals, such as vision testing requirements and other information on a current driver's license.

My State Info also includes links to find driving rehabilitation specialists near you who can assess your driving skills and identify ways to improve. These recommendations might include modifications to your vehicle and/or changes in habits. You will also find driver training or related services to refresh your driving skills.

Finally, My State Info provides links to additional services and supports available in your area as you consider reducing your time behind the wheel. These include:

  • Public and private alternate transportation services,
  • Volunteer and other free transportation services, and
  • Information on other services and supports available.