Transportation Engineers/Planners

Construction workers and engineers review bridge design plans in work zone

Highway engineers across the country are successfully incorporating the needs of older Americans as they plan and design roads and infrastructure projects at municipal, county, state, and Federal levels. Importantly, many of the treatments and countermeasures designed to accommodate aging road users improve safety for motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists of all ages alike, resulting in a safety-synergy of sorts, rather than a zero-sum game.

This page is intended for traffic engineers, road authorities, or other transportation officials or consultants who are tasked with planning, building, operating, and maintaining public roadway infrastructure at any jurisdictional level. Here you will find technical materials, programs and resources, and case studies/noteworthy practices intended to help you improve roadway safety for all by considering the needs of older adults in your community. We’ve also included educational resources that you or your public affairs colleagues can share with your local constituencies to help road users in your communities better understand the work that you do and the lifesaving treatments that you implement.