What vehicle safety features can help me?

Vehicle safety features include those built into your car as well as those added to the car after your purchase. These features can help older drivers drive longer and safer. Many cars today offer a wide range of safety features you can consider when you purchase a new car. These include automatic emergency braking, backup cameras, blind spot monitors, forward collision warning/mitigation systems, and lane departure warnings. You can review information about safer vehicles in the ChORUS Library, including vehicle safety features and vehicle modifications/accommodations. Be sure to ask your car salesperson about safety features that may be offered and helpful for you.

If you aren’t buying a new car, a driving rehabilitation specialist can help you identify the right adaptations for your particular situation. View this short video (length 2:22 minutes) from NHTSA to see how adaptive equipment and a driving rehabilitation specialist can help. As your medical conditions and capabilities change over time, you should consider follow-up consultations with a driving rehabilitation specialist to continue to identify adaptations for your vehicle that will extend your driving time.

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