Training for counter staff

For those directly engaging with older drivers, the goal should be serving the individual while adhering to state driver licensing agency requirements and encouraging safe driving. Your actions might include encouraging an older driver to get assistance in identifying changes in their driving habits or adjustments to their vehicle that will enable them to drive safely. Referrals do not necessarily mean the person needs to stop driving immediately. Each individual ages differently, and their ability to drive safely is not based on the number of years they have lived. Rather, safe driving is based on a driver’s cognitive, visual, and physical capacity. By providing older drivers access to screening and other resources, you can help drivers extend their safe driving experience and effectively transition to the time when they can no longer drive. Each state has different license renewal procedures. Counter staff training should include understanding state policy and procedures with regard to older drivers. Following are additional resources that staff can incorporate in daily education and resource requests by family members and older drivers:

In addition, you can offer the following handouts and educate counter staff about providing them to the customers they serve.