Community outreach tools

We’ve gathered multiple resources to engage the community while providing important information on older driver safety. As a law enforcement officer, you know it’s important to connect and build trust in your community. Older driver safety programs, training, and information sessions can help.

Finding partnerships and resources for older drivers in your community is key. Consider sharing a referral list of local resources that specialize in coaching and counseling older citizens on safe vehicle operation. Also, research and make recommendations for other mobility options.

Law enforcement agencies are also encouraged to support older drivers in their community by encouraging self-assessment and offering driver education courses. These actions can be done in partnership with the local DMV or other local driving counselors/training resources. Additionally, outreach to family members is another way to connect with older drivers in the community. Outreach can be done by acting as a trusted authority in evaluating driving safety and sharing local statistics, such as crash data, with the community.