Starting the Conversation—Your Loved Ones Driving

Woman giving her keys to a family member.

Starting the conversation with an older loved one about safe driving is an important first step toward maintaining safety while remaining active in the community. Once you’ve had this conversation (or what may be a series of conversations) you and your loved one will have a deeper understanding of what is needed and a sense of relief knowing your older loved one is safe.

As a loved one of an older driver, you have an important task ahead—use Road Safe Seniors to help you start the conversation about driving safely for longer with an older driver. Help your older loved one plan for important things such as driving retirement, transportation costs when reducing driving or giving up a car, and modifying their driving so they can drive safer now with the ChORUS Driver Transportation Tool.

Remember this is a conversation, not a decree. Really listen to your loved one and make suggestions based on what they’re saying, get help on starting this here. Start the conversation early if possible, not when you’re worried that safety is already at risk, and remind them that it’s not just their safety you’re worried about—your kids use that road, along with their neighbors, and other people in the community. Safe driving is a responsibility that affects and serves the entire community, not just one individual.

This conversation is a reflection of your love and that you just want the best for your older loved ones. Start the conversation as early as you can and work with your loved one to come to a safe solution. Use Road Safe Seniors to learn more.