Stand by Me (Playing for Change)

A white cassette tape is on an orange background with the tape unravelling and a label of Jane's mix.

Stand by Me (Playing for Change)

No matter who you are, there will come a time when you need someone to stand by you. This version is particularly powerful to me as it is a composite of diverse musicians and singers from around the globe, showing just how universal the concept of “Standing by Me” can be. I hope you’ll watch it.

I picked this song not just for the diversity of the theme but also because November is National Caregiver Month, and I want to celebrate all those who stand by us when we need help. I don’t think there is anyone among us who hasn’t needed some help at some time. It could be temporary as we recover from an injury or medical condition, it could be to assist during a transition in our lives (everything from a new child in the family to aging), or it could be more consistent and ongoing due to a disability or the changes that come with aging.

As we age, the need for help may increase. This month we recognize and thank all those caregivers who provide this help, whether full time or parttime, whether a family member, friend, or paid caregiver. Over the course of our lives, we move in and out of being caregivers for those around us and, as we age, become the one cared for. For those of us aged 65 or older, it is sometimes hard to accept this help – particularly when it comes to driving – but if, or when, we need help, I am grateful to know that it is there.

For caregivers concerned about the safety of an older driver, it can be difficult to raise the topic of driving behaviors. ChORUS offers resources to help prepare for the conversation, a transportation planning tool that empowers the driver to determine what they need to do to remain safe yet active, and other resources to help caregivers and family members work with an older adult to improve traffic safety.

Thank you to all those who have stood by me in the past and to those who will stand by me in the future. A heartfelt thank you to those caregivers, paid and unpaid, who give of themselves to help others every day. Your care, concern, and support is truly appreciated.