Jane's Mix Track 3- Listen How It Is: Making Road Safety a Priority

Caset tape with "Jane's mix" written on the front

Oye Como Va  (translation: Listen How it Is) is one of my favorite jams and always gets me moving - what better way to say good bye to Summer than with some Santana and a final hurrah?  But this month, I want you to really listen to how it is.  I have never (so far, at least) regretted another year under my belt.  Each year brings more experiences, knowledge, and memories.  But I have to admit that sometimes getting old stinks.  Some of us have more aches and pains, some of us start losing track of things, some of us are facing new medical conditions and an increase in medications, some of us are having a hard time facing the fact that we just can’t do the things we used to, and some of us are experiencing more than one of these. One of those things we may be having difficulty facing is whether we are still driving safely. 

None of us want to lose the independence that driving gives us, but there comes a time when we must face reality.  Recognize the signs of unsafe driving, listen to what your friends and family are saying, and take the necessary steps to keep you and those around you safe.  ChORUS provides the information to assess your skills (Spanish version), find resources to help (Spanish version), and develop a transportation plan that accommodates your individual needs and functional abilities over time.  And, while none of us want to stop driving, if that time has come, put your stubbornness aside and take that step with the faith that not driving doesn’t have to mean never leaving your house.  It can mean more time with grandchildren or other family members and friends who can drive you where you need to go. It can also mean learning about the other transportation options in your community and making new friends on your new route. 

Life is about change, sometimes, the change is easy, and sometimes it is harder.  Regardless accept the challenge that change brings.  September is Self-Improvement Month – the perfect time to prepare for these changes and take on new activities according to your personal needs.  Learn about the resources in your community, identify your first step to continuing your full community experience while changing your driving habits – join the ChORUS.  Listen to how it is and know you are not alone – the party goes on and I look forward to seeing you on the dance floor.

Jane, 65, Connecticut