Jane's Mix Track 2- Cruisin'

Tape deck with Jane's Mix written on it.

You know how we all envision ourselves at a certain age – at least until we catch a glimpse of our current selves in the mirror?  Well, I am not sure what age I picture for myself but “old” is definitely not one of them.  However, I turned 65 last November which triggered signing up for Medicare and got me thinking about just what my life would be like in 10, 15, or 20 years.  Having discovered ChORUS, the transportation planning tool, and all of the resources it has to offer this year, I am considering that future differently.  This includes planning for when I want to drive less – or not at all -and having more conversations about making sure I am safe on the road. 

I think one of the most important steps I have taken was having a conversation with my adult son.  During brunch one Sunday, I talked with him about a number of things.  We talked about my medical directive, financial planning, and how I want to live out my years (a cheery brunch conversation for sure).  A big piece of this was also talking about my driving.  I not only mentioned that I am making plans for myself but, more importantly, I gave him permission to raise any concerns he has if at any time he thinks I am not driving safely.  (ChORUS even has a link to an agreement you can sign with your children on this issue if you or your child think that is necessary.) 

I will continue to self-monitor and, if necessary, I hope my son will step in and focus me on whatever changes I may need to make.  In the meantime, my only advice to anyone in my age group is start thinking about this now so you are ready for whatever comes up down the road.  And in the meantime –  I’m “Cruisin” (Smokey Robinson). 

Jane, 65 in Connecticut