Jane's Mix Tape 4- Road To Nowhere

Tape deck with Jane's Mix written on it.

It’s fall, and in CT that means leaf watching but I know a lot of us enjoy taking a drive from time to time just to get out and take a Road to Nowhere and see what we might discover. Road to Nowhere by the Talking Heads…do we take inspiration from the joy of exploring and seeing where the road takes us? Or do we get inspiration from the name of the group? Perhaps both. 

Talking Heads --- When my father started having crashes, I found it very difficult to talk with him about his driving. He was 80 years old, still working, and hated the idea of depending on someone else to get him to and from work, out to dinner, or around town. My brothers and I put our heads together and talked a lot but we struggled with how to talk with him and encourage him to change his habits. If I had the ChORUS resources available to me at the time, I would have been much more prepared. The easiest tool being the Transportation Planning Tool that would have let us have this conversation before there was an issue and start all of us thinking about what transportation needs and options would be before he started having crashes. But even if we weren’t able to get ahead of things, we could have used the planning tool, Knowing the Signs - Am I Safe on the Road, and the Preparing for the Conversation resources to prepare and help my dad make the right decisions for him.

But let’s get back to that Road to Nowhere… let’s not forget to be safe while on that road. Have you used CarFit to make sure your car is adjusted for you so that you can drive safely and comfortably? Have you checked your tires to make sure they still have good treads and the right tire pressure? Are you using all the safety features your car has to offer? October is a good time to ensure your car is in good shape and ready for those last few road trips and the winter where, for some of us, the weather can also impact our driving safety. I’m taking advantage of the beautiful New England fall for a few road trips of my own.  Whether taking the road less traveled or the road to nowhere, I plan to be safe and hope you will be too!