Jane's Mix: The Older I Get

A cassette tape with "The Older I Get" written on it. The tape is lying on an orange table.

The Older I Get (Alan Jackson), the more I think – great song and great way to be living. 

It’s easy to look back on the days behind us with nostalgia and wishful thinking. It is sometimes harder to look at the days in front of us with hope and excitement, but this song reminds us that we still have life to live. Not only is there much still ahead, but the perspective that we have after living much of our life means those years ahead can focus on what we want to do, the pleasure in our day-to-day life, and hopefully spending time with those who matter in our lives.

It's National Safety Month, and ensuring we are thinking about safety “the older we get” increases the likelihood that we can enjoy the years ahead. When it comes to driving and being on the road (whether driving, walking, or bicycling), ChORUS can help you improve your safety. It’s a great time to get your eyes checked, complete a screening or assessment, and consider the experiences you have had of late. Do any of these things indicate that you might want to change some of your driving habits? Some things you can consider include:

  • Learning about the safety features your vehicle may offer,
  • Only driving during daylight hours,
  • Avoid driving in bad weather,
  • Driving in non-peak traffic times like avoiding rush hour, and
  • If you are driving alone, stick to familiar routes. 

Safe driving can contribute to your overall health and well-being. As we age, we tend to be more fragile, making us more vulnerable to injury when involved in crashes. We can also be frailer so that if injured, our recovery may be slower, or we may find ourselves adjusting to functional limitations as a result of our injuries.

The best defense against these situations is a strong offense – take charge of your transportation future. Visit the ChORUS Older Driver Guide to learn more about steps you can take and use the ChORUS Transportation Planning Tool to create your personal to-do list for improving your traffic safety. 

Like Alan Jackson, I am happy with where I am in life; I am getting accustomed to the wrinkles and appreciate that they represent a life well lived with triumphs over the bad times and many joyous and happy occasions. My first grandchild is due to arrive in September, and I want to not only be here for her but be healthy and able to do fun things with her. Staying safe, whether at home or on the road, will help me stay healthy and active.