ChORUS New Year's Resolution Planning

Older woman sitting on a bench.

The New Year is a time for fresh starts and a new beginning, which is why many start the year by making resolutions or buying a brand-new calendar.  This year, consider adding planning for safe mobility to your resolutions. Use this tip sheet to help create your New Year Resolutions and build better transportation and mobility habits in the new year. 

Build your Roadmap for Safe Mobility

The ChORUS Older Driver Transportation Planning Tool guides you through developing your transportation plan.

Create a transportation budget for the new year

Using our Transportation Budgeting Tool, you can estimate your transportation costs based on your needs. You can also compare these to your costs of operating a vehicle to help you include safe mobility into your financial planning.  

Identify Alternative Transportation Options

Expand your comfort zone and explore alternative transportation options in your community. There are many ways to travel within your community where you do not have to drive. This could be taking the bus, walking, using rideshare apps, or even calling a friend or family member to carpool to the grocery store, recreational center, or library. Use the ChORUS My State Information page to see if there are alternative transportation options in your area.  

Talk with your doctor about how medical diagnoses or medications might impact your driving safety

Specific medical diagnoses may impact vision, function, mobility, and affect your driving safety. Medications may also have side effects that may impact driving safety and your driving habits this year.  Talk with your medical provider to learn more.

Talk about safety with loved ones

If you are experiencing forgetfulness, frequently get lost while driving, have several “near misses,” or feel unsafe driving, your family members can help navigate your concerns. Talk with your loved ones about your driving safety and potential changes in your driving habits. Start with asking for a ride to an appointment or on an errand.